The Perfect Media Player for


Enzo Player is simply a better choice for your new media player. The player has simple but useful features.
Player is being recommended among many customers.
Note: Enzo Player does not provide contents and it is pure media player. To use Enzo Player, you have to upload your own playlist. If you have not playlist, then you can't use Eco Player anymore so in this case do not pay. Also we are not allowing activation for the users that don't have own playlist.

New Generation of Media Player is Here

A complete media player is designed to make life easier with a top quality user experiences.

Extremely Easy To Use

Enzo Player is very simple to use compared to all other players before, so anyone can use it easily.

Powerful Functionality

Enzo Player is very cheap but supports powerful functions and is receiving active support and favorable reviews from users.

Strong Support

Enzo Player is a great option to access channels that may not be available through traditional broadcast methods.